Unzipped? (Mills & Boon Blaze) (The Man-Handlers, Book 2) de Karen Kendall EPUB / ean: 978-1472029522

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Undeterred… Her new client may be a stereotypical computer guy, but Shannon Shane is convinced she can turn Hal Underwood into a hottie. The raw material is there, just buried beneath the geek. Undressed Even though Hal is strangely attached to his appalling wardrobe, those outfits are history. Putting new clothes on him has revealed a sexy version of Hal…one who is inviting Shannon's hands all over him. Undone! Before she knows exactly how it happened, he's got her utterly seduced. Turns out computers are not the only area where Hal shows complete genius. Looking this good with those crafty fingers, there's no way Shannon can let him go.

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